Les deseo todo el amor
podemos recibir y dar

Tanto si se trata con nosotros
o con otra

el amor o ser amado




Jeg ønsker oss all den kjærlighet
vi kan ta i mot og gi

enten det er med oss
eller med andre

den elsker eller elskes




I wish us all the love
we can receive and give

Whether it is with us
or with others

it loves or are loved




Fredrik Hossmann

¿Sabe el amor a quien ama?


¿Sabe la oruga que se convertirá en mariposa?
¿Sabe la semilla que será una flor?
¿Sabe la lluvia dónde caerá?
¿Sabe el amor a quién amará?



Vet kjærligheten hvem som elsker den?

Vet larven at den skal bli en sommerfugl?
Vet frøet at den skal bli en blomst?
Vet regnet hvor det skal falle?
Vet kjærligheten hvem den elsker?



Does love knows who loves it?

Does the caterpillar know it will become a
Does the seed know it will become a flower?
Does the rain know where it will fall?
Does love know whom it loves?




Fredrik Hossmann


Amor en la última mirada


Hay más que una estrella
en el cielo, dije
y cerró mis ojos
en el amor ciego

Al primer beso, ella dijo
y se humedeció los labios,
lleva en sí mismo la última


Kjærlighet ved siste blikk

Det finnes fler enn en stjerne
på himmelen, sa jeg
og lukket øynene
i blind kjærlighet

allerede det første kysset, sa hun
og fuktet leppene,
bærer det siste i seg


Love at last glance

There are more than one star
in the sky, I said
and closed my eyes
in blind love

already the first kiss, she said
and moistened her lips,
carries the last

Fredrik Hossmann



La película que veo
no es la película que vi

Ella que amo
no es la que amé

La palabra que escribo
no es la palabra que escribí

La vida que vivo
no es la vida que viví





Filmen jeg ser
er ikke filmen jeg så

Hun jeg elsker
er ikke hun jeg elsket

Ordet jeg skriver
er ikke ordet jeg skrev

Livet jeg lever
er ikke livet jeg levde





The movie I see
is not the movie I saw

The one I love
is not the one I loved

The word I write
is not the word I wrote

The life I live
is not the life I lived




Fredrik Hossmann

El amor


No desaparece
No aparece nuevamente
Esta aqui todo el tiempo
aunque no siempre
es visible para nosotros

Al contrario somos nosotros
Que todo el tiempo
aparemos nuevamente

Al final el amor
esta aqui nuevamente, decimos, quando somos nosotros
los que voluemos
a el





Forsvinner ikke
Dukker ikke opp igjen
Den er her hele tiden
selv om den ikke alltid
er synlig for oss

Tvert imot er det vi
som stadig vekk
forsvinner for den
dukker opp igjen

Endelig er kjærligheten
her igjen, sier vi, når det er vi
som vender tilbake
til den





does not disappear
Does not reappear
It is here all the time
although itis not always
visible to us

On the contrary, it is us
that constantly
disappears for it
reappears again

Finally love
Here again, we say, when it is us
to it




Fredrik Hossmann

Letter to myself (Red and Black) 3/10

Who are you today?


Yes, that is right. I asked who and not how.

“How are you today” seems to me to be one of the most useless questions i know.


 What choices do you have to answer?


“Thanks, I’m fine.” Just answering to brush the question of like some dust that happened to land on your jacket.

Or you can answer how you actually feel. But that might take too long time for anyone to listen to. Most people are not really interested. In most cases whatever you say  does not change anything anyway.

According to rumor there is a tribe somewhere in Africa where they greet each other:


«How is the space between us today?»


That makes some kind of sense to me. The question also includes the one asking. That also makes sense to me. How I am feeling might change with whom is the asking.

Today, the space between me and myself is rather good.

We are almost one. Still we are at least two.


How many me`s is there inside of a me?

Are they individual me`s or just graded variations?

What is me and what is not me?

Do I have enemies of me inside of me?


Who are you?


I am watching you pointing at to those who love or have loved you as the answer to the question i am asking.

I am watching you looking at your loved ones as one creature instead of individual creatures. One big ball of a creature with everchanging faces and bodies. Sometimes different faces melt into one creating a loved one you have never been with in person. One person taking over where another one ends. Sometimes they fall in love with each other as well. Sometimes they let you in. Sometime they leave you outside to watch.

I am watching how the ages of your loved ones change. I am watching how they talk to you, how you sometimes are making the same moves, yet they answer you differently, and so the game changes. And sometime you communicate differently to them, but still the answers they give you are mostly the same.

You go in and out of love like in and out of a room. Or like you go in and out of the many faces and bodies of music.


Where does love stop and begin?


When does music start and stop?

Does the music start when it starts?

Does it start when you start to wish for the music?

Or does the music really start when you begin to remember it even when it is not playing?


Sometime you say that the biggest problem we have with music today is that it is so easy to listen to that we mostly forget to listen to it in our minds. That we hardly ever have to go hungry for music. There is music everywhere. We have to shut it out. We don’t get to listen to the music inside us. We do not spend time making that meeting with the inner and outer music. On the other hand: we have to seek silence actively if we want it. Not to play that record, however nice it is. Not to listen to that audiobook, no matter how fitting the voice reading it is.

I see you walking with your lovers hand in hand. Sometimes you are in the middle, sometimes you are on the side. I see the some people ignoring the three of you, but also that some people smiles longingly at you as if it is their dreams you are taking for a walk.

Its like music you say: i listen to different music. One music does not exclude the other. Blues does not exclude ambient. Rock does not exclude jazz. Red does not exclude black. You do not exclude him or her. And so on and so forth.


I started by asking who are you today, did you answer? I do not remember. I will ask again.


Who are you today?


Answer as you like.  Yourself or somebody else? Patti Smith or Robert Mapplethorpe? One or many?


 Who are you today?


I will watch you as you search for the answer.

Will you go deep inside and take a look?

Or will you just take a the first one surfacing?


Who are you today?








Todays song:

The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress – Radka Toneff




Written with

Eraldo Bernocchi & Harold Budd – Music For ‘Fragments From The Inside’ (2005)

on repeat, every composition played three times, before moving on.


Ten short poems and two variations


i don´t read poems
they read me

soon they know me
by heart


a ring of wind

I offer you a ring of wind

It is only you who knows
When you wear it


it doesn´t matter

it doesn´t matter

that is why
it si so important


as i am

if you want to see me
as I am

you must remember
that you are also a part of the picture


love is not all

but without love
it is nothing



here with us
you can be
as you are

only if you are
exactly as us



we can meet
because we are two

we can separate
because we are one


the same in all languages
the silence between the words


another voice
the same words
other words
yet the same voice



my life is a jigsaw puzzle
where the pieces are created
as they are needed

right now I am busy
with a flock of clouds
in the upper left corner


two variations

me and you
are not all

but without us
there is no we


the same in all houses
the space between the walls


Fredrik Hossmann