SPARK OF LIFE (Sketches/Remix)


bird and tree


touching your branches with my wings

somewhere inside us

we are bleeding into one


looking at us


i see us without faces

without eyes


looking beyond

what can be seen


branches and wings


flying high – wings touching wings


looking down – wondering is it me and you I am seeing

– branches touching branches  – down there?


am I both bird and tree?

both you and me?

have we both branches and wings?


at the same time?

in the same being?


spark of life


gently circling leading and following


into the great unknown

from where we once came. There

is no hurry


having all the time in the world

being  all the time in the world


bleeding into one


we are the spark of life

before becoming the spark of life



floating on snowflakes

drowning in drops of water

resting in pulses so slow

that we hardly know we exist


but we do – just before the spark of life

becomes the spark of life




Written/sketched while listening to

Sudovian Dance by Marcin Wasilewski Trio w/ Joakim Milder

on repeat

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